STYROSPRAY 1000™ is a simple to apply hard coating for EPS foam.

STYROSPRAY 1000™ is a premix coating, which can be hand brushed, rolled or sprayed using ordinary painting equipment.

It provides a strong, lightweight uniformly smooth appearance, which can be coated with any type of solvent or water base paint.

STYROSPRAY 1000™ creates a hard plastic shell over EPS foam for fabrication of signs, decorative themes and concrete molds.

It can also be used to laminate fabrics to EPS foam structures or to harden cloth shapes.

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy It seals and waterproofs hot wire cut or carved EPS foam shapes for outdoor installations.

STYROSPRAY 1000™ only cures when exposed to moisture in the environment, it becomes dry to the touch in 1 hour after spraying.

For more detailed product information on STYROSPRAY here

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopyFor detailed technical information on STYROSPRAY here

Smoking Dragon picture courtesy of Moose Works 3-D Factory.

STYROSPRAY 1000eliminates the need for expensive high pressure spraying equipment to apply a hard coating to EPS foam shapes.