Plastic tub liners, drop in liners and plastic ute liners are a utes worst enemy!

Compare SPEEDLINER™ to other products to see that you are getting the world's No 1 spray on liner. Don't fooled by quick cheap alternatives.

MAXIMUM STRENGTH means maximum protection for your vehicle.

Plastic Tub Liners are not a Cheap Alternative

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy
The damage caused by a plastic tub liner
speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy
Look at the rust starting already

Plastic tub liners are not the real low cost option you are looking for in a ute liner. Not only do you have to put up with your cargo sliding every where with a plastic liner, but it also rubs the paint off, allowing rust to start destroying your pride and joy and making your ute's value plummet.

When it comes to adding a ute canopy or hard cover to your ute the next purchase is one of the most important decision you will make. As most ute canopies and hard covers are there for the life of your vehicle and are rarely removed, what you must do is think of what lies below. Installing a ute liner is the best way to help protect the back of your ute , but only in some cases. You have a choice do nothing and your ute will be covered in scratches and dints. Installing a plastic tub liner could be a big mistake. Installing SPEEDLINER™ will keep your resale value plus pay for it self in the long term

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopyMost people don't know that when you trade-in your car,  the dealer can deduct up to $500 if it has a plastic tub liner. This is because they don't know what is lurking underneath it, or the damage it has caused. Toyota and Nissan even have stickers warning customers about the static electricity built up from plastic tub liners. Specifically they recommend not to fill up fuel cans in the back of utes with plastic tub liners, as they may catch on fire. If you suffer from car sickness more static electricity is the last thing you need!

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy
Scratches are all over the tray

Look at our pictures to see the damage that can occur.

Unlike plastic tub liners, SPEEDLINER™ permanently adheres to the surface of your ute, fully sealing the surface, making it 100% water proof with out the slip and slide.

SPEEDLINER™ is the tough, worry-free protection you're looking for! SPEEDLINER™ 1000 holds up better against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp-edged cargo. SPEEDLINER™ better resists the effects of most common chemicals – including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials. Independent laboratory test results prove SPEEDLINER™ can withstand much higher levels of extreme use without adverse effect.

Opposition Liners Versus SPEEDLINER

MAXIMUM STRENGTH also means maximum protection from the sun, preventing colour loss.

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy
This competition liner system is chalking up under the harsh Australian conditions.

Other liner products will normally begin "chalking up" and "fading out" after just 3 months of exposure to the sun's Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. SPEEDLINER™ advanced chemistry conquers early fading. This is proven by extensive independent lab test results conducted under intense UV ray conditions. Look at our pictures as an example of what can happen if you use an opposition's liner. Yes they were black liners not so long ago

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy
This competitor's liner has quickly faded from gloss black to grey.

Other liner products will also start to lose colour as they fade. Look at one of our oppositions spray on liners, it is not that old and has badly faded, turning from gloss black to a grey/brown and looking very undesirable plus devaluing your pride and joy.

Don't Take Our Word For It - Ask and Compare!

Your SPEEDLINER™ dealer will be happy to provide further details related to the independent test findings described here. Check here for our independent laboratory results. No other liner system will do this as they cannot compete.

If you're considering other liner systems, also ask those dealers for their published tensile resistance, U.V......., tear resistance and abrasion resistance test results. If they do make this available, you'll very quickly see that there's really no comparison. Our test results are significantly higher... by as much as 500%.

SPEEDLINER™ is the tested winner, hands down!