G100GRAFFITI REMOVER 100™ (G100™), SPEEDLINER™'s Graffiti Remover, is an effective new tool in the removal of all forms of graffiti.

G100™ is one of the most powerful graffiti removers on the market.

G100™ is a non solvent environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-based yet effective formula.

G100™ is non-flammable, low odour, water-based formulae that does not require the wearing of special protective equipment as it is solvent free.

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy

G100™ attacks paint, permanent markers, crayons, lipstick, magic markers, and adhesives so they can be easily be wiped or brushed off the graffiti covered surfaces. G100™ doesn't harm the surface being cleaned.

G100™ is not watered down like other graffiti removers. Unlike other water-down graffiti removers G100™ coagulates the paint into beads and will not spread the graffiti over a larger area.

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopySPEEDLINER™'s G100™ Graffiti Remover is a new product from Polymer Industries USA.

Look at our photos. This park bench was covered in graffiti. By using SPEEDLINER™'s G100 Graffiti Remover, the bench is restored. This saved considerable cost and time of repainting.

SPEEDLINER™'s G100™ when combined with TOPCOAT 6™ is an effective anti-graffiti system that provides a real tool for fighting the war on graffiti.

Using both SPEEDLINER™'s G100™ and TOPCOAT 6™ graffiti and permanent marker will in most cases just wipe off like cleaning a table.