Automotive Applications

SPEEDLINER™ ute liners is the true No 1 ute liner and spray-on protective coating unmatched in strength, maximum UV stability, colour range and long term performance. Being the world's toughest protective coating, SPEEDLINER™ performs where others fall short.

SPEEDLINER™ EPIC™ is over 500% stronger than our nearest competitor. SPEEDLINER™ performs where others fall short and no other liner system comes close. 

SPEEDLINER™ is waterproof and is highly resistant to most chemicals. It is the only product of its type that can be sprayed, rolled and brushed, allowing non slip additives to be easily added. SPEEDLINER™'s thickness can be applied from 1mm to 150 mm whatever the application requires, making it's range of uses unlimited.

SPEEDLINER™ ute liners is the world's toughest spray-on liner that offers a maximum strength water proof protective coating. SPEEDLINER™ includes SL 1000, the world famous ute liner, that provides real protection for your vehicle.

SPEEDLINER EPIC™ (SL EPIC™) is now the world's toughest spray-on ute liner

  • SL EPIC won't split, crack, peel, break, fade or cause corrosion
  • SL EPIC is 100% UV stabilised with a tough 7500 PSI tensile rating and 1450 PSI tear strength.
  • SL EPIC is a thick textured polymer surface that is simply rolled, brushed or sprayed on wood, concrete, fibreglass and metal surfaces.
  • SL EPIC has a range of 18 stock colours (some metallic) and can use standard PPG auto pigments.
  • Mixed sand or grit additives with SL EPIC to provide a nonskid surface.
  • For more detailed technical information and product comparisons here
  • SL EPIC is the solution to any liner challenge.

What's the Difference?

As you know SPEEDLINER™ SL 1000 is the famous World's toughest spray on coating. How well and how far it out performs it's competitors is legendary.

A new legend has arrived SPEEDLINER™ SL EPIC. It comes with all the attributes of the SPEEDLINER™ SL 1000 but it is nearly twice as strong. It is colour fast, has maximum UV stability , incredible flexibility, and incredibly high abrasive wear factor and tear strength.

The new SL EPIC has set a new bench mark in performance. 

  • Our SL 1000 is 4900 psi  which outstrips it's nearest opposition which is 1800 psi. SL EPIC has a tensile strength is up to 7500 psi. 
  • The tear strength of SL 1000 is 865 lbs-f/in compared to it's nearest opposition which is 250 lbs-f/in. SL EPIC tear strength is up to 1450 ( lbs-f/in).
  • The abrasive wear factor is 1000% better than our own SL 1000 which is at the top of it's field.

Test Competitor SL 1000 SL EPIC
Tensile Strength 1800 psi 4900 psi 7500 psi > 400%
Tear Strength 250 lbs-f/in 865 lbs-f/in 1450 lbs-f/in > 580%
Abrasive Wear Factor not available 4.4 mg loss
per 1000 rev
0.0044 mg loss
per 1000 rev

These performance figure are EPIC !

Where can SL EPIC be used?

Everywhere you would use the SL1000! It can be applied in same huge range of industries ranging from marine and auto to industrial, mining and military. SL EPIC has the same 19 colours range as the SL 1000 and the same unlimited custom colours.

Examples of SL EPIC

SL EPIC Applications

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