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FIRE SHIELD™  is a totally new and unique fire retardant that provides a thick coating for  total protection to power poles, roadside guide posts, wall linings, floors and ceilings, metal surfaces, cables, some plastics  and many other structures.

FIRE SHIELD™ will provide fire protection in the most severe bushfires. It can be applied to wood, steel, aluminum, concrete, some plastics, and many other surfaces.

FIRE SHIELD™ is also impenetrable  by termites of any form, as they will die if they try to chew it.

FIRE SHIELD™ is impervious to moisture or water and will prevent rotting of poles and posts.

FIRE SHIELD™ will expand and contract without cracking or peeling and its unique features makes it contract on curing to compress and seal the timber.

speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy The wood is unharmed even after being exposed to a bushfire

FIRE SHIELD™ is very tough and will withstand the most sever impact, cushioning the poles or posts from the impact and will protect the timber from splitting or splintering when subjected to severe impact.

FIRE SHIELD™  is Ultra-Violet stable and will not fade in the sunlight. It also is available in eighteen different colours and custom colours can be used if required.

FIRE SHIELD™ is a thermal insulator and prevents the pole or posts from overheating during bushfires. It is also an electrical insulator and provides protection against earth leakage or stray currents. This makes FIRE SHIELD™ ideal for the crossbars on power poles, where it will insulate as well as protect against burning of the timber, due to electrical shorts or flashovers.

FIRE SHIELD™  can be easily applied  with a paint brush. It is supplied in a 10 litre pack that reduces to 6 litres when mixed.

FIRE SHIELD™  has a very low fire risk in its liquid state,  a total fire retardant when mixed,  completely inert and environmentally friendly.


To see examples of how effective Fire Shield™ can be view our videos on or our YouTube channel by clicking on the image below.


Speedliner 1000

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